Oplossing: Hoe verbind je Instagram met Facebook

Ik kreeg het maar niet voor elkaar om de Instagram app op mijn iPhone te koppelen met mij facebook account. En ik was niet de enige zoals al gauw na wat googlen bleek.
Op onderstaande pagina vond ik de oplossing.

~ How to Really Connect Your Instagram Account to Facebook on Your iPhone « Smartphones

De reactie van KRISTOFFERSON GUELA II was de oplossing die voor mij werkte:

After trying out that “Send To Mobile” option which kept giving me persistent ERROR results, CARLO SALGADA finally did it for me! And mind you, I just created this account to thank him! I’m a happy boy.

1. Settings > Facebook > Click Currently Logged In Account > DELETE ACCOUNT

2. Go to Instagram App > Click Cog Icon Upper Right > scroll down to PREFERENCES > Click SHARE SETTINGS > Click Facebook and VOILA! IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECT YOU TO A PAGE THAT WILL REQUIRE YOU TO LOG-IN ON YOUR FACEBOOK (which eventually re-directs you back to Instagram that will show a highlighted Facebook Icon above Twitter; i.e., FB is already connected to your IG!)

That’s it! Believe me, after all the frustrating attempts, searching high and low, THIS tip by a certain Carlo was the HOLY GRAIL to all this sh*t. Hallelujah!_


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