Beatles podcasts

Er bestaat een kleine verzameling podcasts over The Beatles en hun muziek.

Ik heb ze even op een rijtje gezet.

Beatles podcasts

  • When They Was Fab: Electric Arguments About the Beatles
    Beatling About. Anything about the Beatles, solo and related, past, present and future.

  • Things We Saïd Today
    Things We Said Today is a weekly discussion of the hottest Beatles news topics and interviews of Beatles personalities by an experienced group of Beatles writers and broadcasters.

  • I’ve got a Beatles podcast
    An educational, informative, and irreverent look at all things Beatles.

  • Fab4 Free 4 all
    Enlightening discussion about the Music of The Beatles by three long-time Beatles collectors and historians.

  • Fab4Cast
    Een podcastserie over The Beatles en de solojaren van John, Paul, George en Ringo. Boordevol achtergronden, alternatieve tracks, interviews en interessante gasten. Nederlandstalig!

  • A year with the Beatles
    A limited series of podcasts exploring virtually every studio album by the Beatles, month by month.

Tot slot een paar podcast over de band-leden:

  • Macca podcast
    Macca Podcast is a radioshow in Dutch from Arjan Snijders and Koop Geersing about Paul McCartney. Each show contains new music (including bootlegs, demo’s, live stuff and many never released songs). Never is one song played twice (or at least not in the same version, that is). Over 1000 songs in over 70 episodes at the beginning of 2017 and still going.

  • The John Lennon hour
    Weekly radio talk show about John Lennon & The Beatles with guest authors, musicians, and experts from The Beatles World

Fraser Speirs – Blog – Out of School: A Podcast

I have something new for you today: I’m launching a podcast along with my friend Bradley Chambers.

The show is called “Out of School”, and you can subscribe to it at or through iTunes.

Bradley and I are going to be talking about everything that interests and annoys us about educational technology. We’ll have a focus on iOS, since that’s the thing we know best, but we’ll be ranging into all kinds of aspects of the jobs that we do – both as IT people and in teaching too.

We’re new to this and we’re going to get better at it as we go. We’re planning an initial season of about 20 shows and we would really appreciate your feedback through the form on the site, which will reach both Bradley and I.

» Fraser Speirs – Blog – Out of School: A Podcast

World Outline Podcast

Yes! Ze zijn er weer: Dave Winer and Adam Curry

Nieuwe podcast over de ontwikkeling van hun geesteskind de World Outline.


The World Outline is like the World Wide Web, except instead of a web of linked pages, it’s an array of outlines that include other outlines. The outlines can live anywhere on the Internet. They are accessed over HTTP.

» World Outline Podcast feed:

N.B. Very Techy /Geeky.

Listen to Steve Jobs: A Retrospective online

» Listen to Steve Jobs: A Retrospective online

“We’ve collected a series of audio segments that document the work and life of former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. The segments range from Jobs’ own Apple keynote addresses to reminiscences by people who knew him.”

In de editie van gisteren een Interview met Walter Isaacson, de schrijver van de Steve Job’s biografie

“In his first interview about the visionary Apple CEO Steve Jobs, biographer Walter Isaacson reveals the private Jobs that few knew. Jobs also tells his story in his own words which Isaacson recorded in over 40 interviews he conducted. Among the revelations: Jobs refused early and possibly life-saving surgery on the cancer that eventually killed him a few weeks ago.”

ProductiVardy – The productivity podcast with personality

» ProductiVardy – The productivity podcast with personality

“ProductiVardy is a weekly podcast that will explore the productivity realm, lifehacking and much more. In addition, it’ll offer regular segments that go beyond interviewing those that are known in productivity circles, such as tips, tricks, product reviews and the occasional, unexpected audible treat for listeners.”

Een podcast1 van de hand van Mike Vardy over (persoonlijke) productiviteit.
Tot nu toe de interviews met de volgende gasten:
* Tom Merritt Tom Meritt
* Harley Finkelstein Shopify
* Brett Kelly [Evernote]
* Ben Brooks
* Chris Guillebeau The Art of Non-Conformity » 3×5
* Corwin Hiebert Corwin Hiebert
* Dave Ursillo daveursillo
* Leo Babauta Zen Habits
* Cal Newport Study Hacks